HPC-003-01 Hard on the Canvas
Schatzy X vs Betty


Other Girl
Other Girl
Hungarian Private Collection
Hungarian Private Collection
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Match: Schatzy X vs Betty

Gorgeous Schatzy and voluptuous Betty are introduced by their cute seconds Tündi and Olivia, who gently oil them all over. In the match Betty soon dominates Schatzy and deliberately uses her female experience to arouse her younger opponent sexually. Finally one girl is overcome with excitement and unable to move or in any way continue. Her erotic exhaustion is complete. While these girls have a deserved rest, Tündi and Olivia get on the mat to see if they enjoy this particular style of wrestling – and each other’s bodies – as much as their friends. Needless to say, they did! Then Betty and Schatzy continue from where they left off. The previously submissive loser tries hard to get her own back, but her opponent is too strong. Nevertheless the weaker girl turns her on so much that the dominatrix comes in sheer ecstasy, her crotch suspended over the other’s face, her superb body shuddering in excitement. The big smile on her face afterwards attests to the fact that the action, as in all HPC tapes, is completely genuine. You’ll be smiling, too!

The last match is the most competitive. Blonde Tanya takes newcomer Piroska in “long pin” wrestling. It wasn’t actually scheduled as a sex fight, just a nude match with the winner being the one who could apply the longest pin within a certain period. But when one girl starts to dominate the other, the losing girl tries unsuccessfully to prevent a pin with a body bridge. Then it happens: as her tormentor’s crotch presses into hers, she becomes very aroused. No longer can she hide her need to come, and although she is a little embarrassed suddenly to reveal her sexuality in a supposedly “straight” wrestling match, the viewer is privileged to witness a very, very erotic and totally natural conclusion.

(The price of this match has been reduced since the video format has a quality lower than the usual TribGirls standards)

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Featuring: Schatzy (19), Betty (27), Tündi (23), Olivia (21), Tanya (19), Piroska (24)
Schatzy (19) vs Betty (27) part 1
Tündi (23) vs Olivia (21)
Schatzy (19) vs Betty (27) part 2
Tanya (19) vs Piroska (24)

Additional information

Duration 23 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 384×288 25fps (H.264)


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