HPC-001-02 Give Up or Cum
Wanda vs Isabelle


Hungarian Private Collection
Hungarian Private Collection


Match: Wanda vs Isabelle

There are two nude matches on this tape. The idea was to wrestle until one girl applied a very long pin, until the loser either gave up or reached “the point of no return”. The first match is between blonde Hajnal and pretty Melanie. We know that Melanie is extremely competitive and emotional in anything she does. So she turns on her force of personality against other girls, especially in erotic matches, which she hardly ever loses. However, in Hajnal she faced an opponent who didn’t take part just to give in. The outcome was a tremendous, even and intense erotic wrestling match with long crotch to crotch pins – until one of them had to…

The second match features strong Wanda and newcomer Isabelle. Isabelle proved to be Wanda’s new wrestling toy. Rather than dominate her as she so easily could, Wanda decided to enjoy Isabelle’s delectable body. Whatever Isabelle tried, Wanda countered. However, at one point in the match Wanda obviously “delved too deep into her more submissive erotic fantasies” and there was no way of coming back in time… Intertwined legs, crotch to crotch intimacy and long and stiff nipples fighting their own battle, too!

(The price of this match has been reduced since the video format has a quality lower than the usual TribGirls standards)

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Hajnal (18), Melanie (20), Wanda (26), Isabelle (26)

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MP4 384×288 25fps (H.264)


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