About Trib Girls

www.tribgirls.com is the only online store authorized for selling Trib Girls original videos. Please support producers by purchasing original products. Your money will be used for publishing unreleased matches, completing the restoration of older videos in higher quality and shooting new wrestling matches !

What is DWW and what do the initials stand for?

DWW was founded in the autumn of 1992 by G.R.
It sprang from the desire of a few enthusiasts on the combat sports scene to capture on film the excitement of women participating in the sports in question.

TribGirls is a spin-off of the main DWW website, focusing on the more sexy side of female wrestling.

Our activities are centred in the Danube Valley, Vienna to be precise, and since we would be drawing mainly on the women of this geographical region to wrestle for our organisation, we called it “Danube Women Wrestling”.

TribGirls Today

In 2018 G.R. stopped his direct involvement with DWW activities. The company, website and the brand promotion is now managed by a group of long-time DWW collaborators, who legally acquired the exclusive video rights from DWW Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. and G.R. . We felt that the great work done over the years could not disappear and that it should be preserved in our memories.

The huge DWW video archive contains hundres of trib/sexfighting matches and we are now reorganizing and normalizing it, looking for the best quality we can get for each video. Our archive also contains hundreds of unreleased matches. We will publish some of these fights, so they can be appreciated by the public.