TRIB-060 Redhead versus Stronger Woman
Vladka vs Kendra




Vladka, Kendra

Kendra challenged a physically stronger girl for an erotic match up. She knew she could not beat any strong girl in any physical competition but she did contact us and then tried to convince us that she could finish any stronger girl in any kind of erotic competition. First she asked us to have a private erotic match only, but when we were discussing if we should give her a chance or not she changed her mind and agreed to do it on camera. So that’s her first test coming true. All this happend just a week ago.

You’ll soon see that Kendra didn’t exaggerate. She might not be the prettiest of all women having appeared on this site, she is by far not a strong woman, but this slim sexy redhead is one of the few women who really are into it and enjoy it: Namley into sex with other women and the personal goal of trying to seduce them. You’ll realise that she is quite sexually excited herself. She does not do those things just half way. She uses her fingers, she uses her tongue and she uses her whole body, often much to Vladkas’ surprise. Will she succeed in seducing Vladka? Or will she fall victim to her own sexual pleasure? In any case there is a guaranteed orgasm for at least one of them. Maybe there exist better erotic encounters than this one and prettier women overall, but there was hardly a woman ever in front of our camera who has been up front so excited about doing this with another girl. You will finally have to decide if we should give Kendra another opportunity. Another good thing about Kendra is that she has got some pretty girlfriends who are said to be into female erotic like her, too …..

Good stuff for those of you who like women doing it in the erotic way. Not recommended for those of you who like the sports!

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Duration 20 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)


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