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About DWW

What is DWW and what do the initials stand for? DWW was founded in the Autumn of 1992 by G.R.

It sprang from the desire of a few enthusiasts on the combat sports scene to capture on film the excitement of women participating in the sports in question: the excitement of women fighting - one-on-one, no fix, no faking, no quarter! At the time (and still often today) all that was available from other producers in this field were videos that satisfied no one: a load of meaningless play-acting of the genre: "ladies, do TRY to make this look convincing", in which a couple of starlets - sometimes more - sometimes beautiful, sometimes not, would roll around half-heartedly on the floor in various states of undress without even working up a sweat, emitting the occasional squeal, until at the end of the tape a 'winner' (determined beforehand, of course) would emerge, whereupon the loser - at the director's prompting - would be expected to writhe around for a few moments in supposed agony or at least try to look miffed! This genre of "wrestling video" is precisely what DWW is NOT about. We don't want to make women look ridiculous. We don't want to make the sport look ridiculous either. Our respect for those women with the courage - physical and moral - to express themselves on the mat is far too great for that.

All the fights you will see on DWW videos are 100% genuine. There is no script. There is no pretending. There is no fooling about. Everything you see is real. Our first efforts in the field produced some pretty good videos, but only when we got serious and founded DWW did the project take on the air of professionalism it has today. Our activities are centred in the Danube Valley, Vienna to be precise, and since we would be drawing mainly on the women of this geographical region to wrestle for our organisation, we called it "Danube Women Wrestling".

TribGirls is the sexy wrestling branch of DWW.

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