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Reviewer : Mojo

TRIB-0047 - Sarah vs. Eva N.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Simply gor geous women, engrossing sex.
047 Sarah vs Eva

This is another wonderful competition between our Eva from back in 2006 when she was just 19, already an accomplished and developing wrestling girl but already well versed in female sexual technique. The very entertaining Sarah was again her opponent. Very lively, athletically built, quick fiery, not to say bad tempered and extremely easy on the eye. So completely tall and slim but curvy and sexual charisma in abundance. Together they fire off eachother and obviously enjoy and compare and compete. I think these downloads are quite unique because they feature such good looking young women who enjoy dishing out vexation as well as hot sexual behaviour.
This meeting is an apartment and a simple dispute between them where Sarah loses her temper with Eva and starts leading her around by the hair, as they abuse eachother. A resounding slap or two in retaliation from Eva lights the fire and Sarah goes topless straight off to rub Eva’s nose in it’s sweatiness. She has thrown Eva to the floor and verbal jousting continues as some clothing is shed. More rolling around and some fondling continues as verbals soften and Eva’s top is dispensed with; Eva stays on top with kissing and light hair pulling but much bodily contact and petting. The bigger Sarah goes dominant and pets Eva, sucking her swelling nipples, removing more clothing and works to a mild missionary. She feeling more hungry than that and pulls Eva upwards and disrobing continues to reveal these wonderful slim and athletic bodies that are just craving contact, copulation and fuck.
They strip petulantly, heavy verbals but Eva straddles the goby Sarah and heavy heavy kissing and light petting turns Sarah into moving gracefully to great love making, moving around on Eva and slowly and deliberatively getting Eva split to interlock thighs and start tribbing action. Immediately she again hauls Eva to the sitting position to show her, this is Sarah fucking you, winding you up, you’re my girl now, I own you, I fuck you girl ... She beautifully tribs and with cunt kisses, she takes on kissing Eva’s mouth hard; this is the definition of erotic.
Once or twice they stop and slowly adjust and reengage the tribbing as if acknowledging the simple but quite fantastic physical exchange and beauty of cooperation here. Sarah stays with it calmly copulating and mounting the erotic pleasure with every stroke and kiss of their pussies. She hauls Eva to her knees and pulls her simply onto her, as kneeling now, they hug and lightly kiss and allow their breasts to rub and mingle; Sarah enjoying every inch of the unfolding beauty that is Eva. Again Sarah pushes Eva gently back down and mounts the sweetest missionary, kissing and fondling and humping gently and beautifully. More long body contact and light kissing and slow licks and missionary pumps; so sensual so erotic.
Sarah wants Eva to return the favours so roles and positions are reversed so no we have Eva perfect round arse and smooth long body rub all over stupine Sarah. Slowly Eva mounts and engages and with light movements rubs up and down on Sarah using quick light as feather copulations from her fast moving loins. The beauty is incredible as they moan and climb, Sarah allowing a half dogging so their pussies cross trib their cunt lips for greater effect. Sarah lifts her leg to allow Eva full access and invites heavier tribbing hereby; Eva works her way into Sarah and shortens her tribs and stays inside engulfing Sarah’s G spot. She tribs side to side, short strokes to run up and down inside Sarah’s horizontal offer. For a 19 year old she is so well educated … Sarah is very weak, so Eva stoops to suck her chest with sensuous licking and moves to do the same to her mouth.
Sarah is extremely aroused and with due ceremony, eases back astride Eva’s cunt and hooks up for some wilful tribbing. She promises heavy fuck. Anticipation weighs heavy now; she wants her pleasure and meaningfully hacks at Eva uplifted pussy. She fires off an early short climax from the prone Eva, but stays astride fucking her mate who skilfully keeps the contacts light, accurate and persistent. This is so erotic. Again with light touches Sarah noticeably with less hip rocking than Eva, nevertheless applies herself to Eva’s upturned and soaked cunt, and lightly but determinedly keeps tribbing wide open on the obliging Eva below. Simple fuck rhythms endure and then strengthen as they adjust slightly one way and then another but always to improve the sensuous touching clit to clit; very erect Sarah just cunt kisses the moaning Eva but so gently but properly fucks herself to oblivion running so out of control stretching very sinew and nerve ending, escapes earth’s gravity for a few seconds … and slowly descends, completely spent, completely done, ragged out.
A moments break so now Eva … Eva … Eva kisses her engulfed friend , pulls her legs apart and she too with due ceremony, promising a heavy finale, slowly slowly Eva straddles and drops her hips so accurately, delicately on the receiving sex of Sarah. Sarah again lifts her legs to open her cunt so allow descending Eva to kiss and cover right inside. Eva eases her way in and with slow deliberate trusts slips up and down on Sarah who obligingly has gone horizontal again, giving Eva much cunt to work over and trib on. Eva hits the accelerator and lies back and fast now, lightly tribs up and down giving her cunt much well lubricated rubbing satisfaction and contact. Revs increase and the throttle held open as she searches for the long burst of nervous energy completely concentrated through her rattling hips and stretched wide open groin, in her turn to spiral, to blow her mind and fly off … her movements slow to fuck heavily the last few bouts of satisfaction into Sarah, no doubt shooting fit liquids to Sarah’s gaping gash, it’s self soaking in love juice already; Eva slowly too now comes back down to mother earth. She recovers, lying on open Sarah and they recover together in a rare show of close and easy contact, a beautiful missionary … but completely spent women. They know what they’ve given each other, satisfaction prominent …
Simply another absolute classic. How can it be anything other than 5 stars wonderful? Very simple very pure beauty and female sex, demonstrated wonderfully by such sweet girls. This Eva has a future here; and where did Sarah escape too? A bit lively that one …

TRIB-0056 - SoccerMiss Brazil vs SoccerMiss Germany

Monday, May 11, 2009
Pretty & very erotic!
056 Sarah vs Eva Brazil vs Germany

World Cup finalists have two supporters scantily clad and very very pretty, blond, shapely and feisty girls watching the footy on telly. Nice little scenario to set two strong fast and proud competitive women at each other. Little Tomboys fooling around, Eva Germany gets her top off when they score; they grapple and become competitive with eachother. Tops off, gets sexual, hairpulled pins and licking.
Take a moment to appreciate two fine ultra feminine youngsters, Sarah fancies more than kisses on virile Eva. Takes hold of her face and kisses her mouth wants more. Useful looking Sarah with her Brazil strip socks (green) pushes and riles Eva. So Eva responds, we know she can. Hips start to pitch, more hot body contact and sucking and a splendid open missionary (still with trunks) but pressure applied, Eva on top. Curves get examined, grappling continues and trunks are hauled off. They want nude and a lovely deliberate slow sequence where gorgeous Sarah looking intently into Eva’s eyes, slides back, lifts Eva’s leg and engages fully. Fabulous chest allowed to now flourish and Eva completely prone. Classic trib position and Sarah takes a moment to work open Eva’s lips to trib where it counts (wonderful intent adjustments) breasts appreciated and pulled, Sarah well up for business. Cruelly she hauls on Eva’s hair to pull her head off the floor ass she sits astride and fucks into Eva and just to prove her dominance she slaps twisting Eva around. No problem, cool Eva takes it, handles it easily as we know she can. TV forgotten.
Equally gracefully Eva topples strong Sarah and takes her time to straddle and mount her hot buddy and works some good tribs into similarly wide open Sarah beneath. Gorgeous looking women, seriously sexual exchanges. Temperature already high by the sound of things. Eva’s slow and deliberate fucks look amazing and they pull and knead each others breasts and kiss occasionally. Erotic or what? They maul and pull and trib at each other; leg up, leg over experienced women enjoying the experience completely. Sarah senses she need to break this up and pushes Eva to the floor and jumps into a strong and prolonged missionary, delectable smooth glistening buttocks pump variously into hitched up Eva allowing Sarah full contact. Eva finally goes to change this an gets back astride her perspiring partner but his time slips her hand down between her open legs and caressingly rubs Sarah’s swollen and open cunt, displaying at the same time her own ravenous organ, completely ready for action looking hot and soaked. She masturbates some more and Sarah loves it. Eva changes for a quiet but stern missionary. This is gorgeous and hot. Sarah wants some kissing and raises her arse high off the ground into Eva’s stomach and then pulls herself upright, slides down to where Eva’s pussy is, and kisses their clits together, the odd hip shagging as she goes. She holds and kisses and pushes Eva down and starts to shag her, quicker paces and wet sex now, tribbing purposefully at a pace. She dominates Eva and pulls off her well spread partner, impatiently throwing her down as Eva tries to lift herself.
Eva fails to manage it though, straddling Sarah masturbates Eva with some intensity with one hand and holds her tits with the other, well turned on. She enjoys throwing Eva’s remonstrations to one side and gives her erogenous zones a complete going over. Eva’s being so wound up, but she goes with it, at one stage Sarah pulling Eva’s head up by the hair to observe you bitch, me mercilessly fucking you inside your helpless wide open cunt …
But Eva’s cool and intense eyeball to eyeball tribbing ensues, a very determinedly competitive exchange and finally Eva gets to throw Sarah off and down and meaningfully spreads open and engulfs Sarah and with long sweeping tribs up and down, administers some serious and fine fucks into lovely and stupine Sarah. Eva really concentrates and adjusts and copulates hard and completely and there’s no way out now for oh-so-high Sarah. She’s starting to slide into a fabulous climax and Eva with determination and concentration finishes the job off and blows Sarah completely out of sights. As Sarah goes over the top panting and blowing for breath, Eva sits and masturbates some comfort into the still pulsating Sarah who takes her shagging with poor grace (lost!). She acts seriously pissed off and pushes Eva to the ground ungratefully (she lost!) and pounces on Eva splits her legs open and gives her a complete fucking missionary of some severity, so as to drive Eva too into a seriously engulfing climax. A rare treat that to watch the pumping and humping involved female to female missionary climax, but Eva’s engulfed and … fucked out of sight. Sarah moodily lifts off Eva and staggers to her feet, giving her a good kick as she unsteadily stalks out. (I said she lost. Serious shit!)
Hey this is a great download. Eva looking so fresh, Sarah as pretty and energetic as they come, beautiful and slight and very skilled at female work. They go well together and positions are varied and very picturesque. Hot stuff and we know how good Eva is at this sort of intense exchange. Germany wins, fuck it!!

TRIB-0203 - Kendra vs Nina

Friday, May 08, 2009
Sod the feet; perfect penetrations.
203 Nina vs Kendra

I really can not get enough of these two. Nina is a devastating woman to have on here, one of our complete stars. A totally ravishing highly experienced and charismatic player. Such a beautiful woman. Today she’s playing footsie over a game of cards with Kendra, another extremely pretty tight bodied and superbly equipped hot lady.
The recipe is a good one. Feet. Cos feet being sensitive in their own right, lead to leg, lead to thighs and we know where this takes us …! And who would not want to play with the glorious Nina?
She soon has here toes all over Kendra’s quimm, rubbing her legs, wriggling her toes. Just look at that blond, doing her cosmetics, cheeky fringe, long tanned legs, acres of glorious skin and rippling muscle and the greatest set of hips known to man (and obviously women!). She getting fruity and bends to caress and kiss dear Kendra’s hungry mouth. Passionate kisses, deep tonguing, lips rubbed and caressed and sucked. Kendra has to rest against the wall as Nina hitches her leg up and thrusts her crotch into Kendra. Lifted skirts reveal attractive knickers and superb buttocks. Non stop kisses, thighs press crotches heat mounts and so does Nina indicate to Kendra, a perfect playmate who soon attracts Nina’s hands to press her pussy, then slide inside for delightful fingering. Clothing starts to depart at this point, the feet still rub legs, mouths cover mouths, hips start to gyrate – too much for Nina who ushers Kendra to the bed. She can’t stop her fucking hips from fuck moving all over Kendra as they unclip respective bras and slip pants off, with plenty of body fucking contact. They want each other total naked as soon as possible and with script it’s Nina’s feet that quickly work their way to wide open Kendra. She such a female and allows Nina’s pawings to ride straight to her erect and wet already pussy. Nina rubs carefully with her pretty toes all over swollen hot cunt; Kendra enjoys the attention and what a treat as she holds Nina’s foot over her erect and hard quimm.
No she can’t take too much of this too early so she pushes big Nina to her back and mounts in Missionary style, but kisses and caresses fervently, sucking nipples and writhing between Nina’s upturned legs. Nina’s wide open and Kendra doesn’t need to be invited twice. The two swollen cunts kiss together as they slowly lock into classic trib position, sod the feet for a moment. Kendra could not be more physically aroused than she is now and no doubt Nina feels that erection on her own warm and wet welcoming pussy. Tenderly they lock and quietly trib on eachother: what a sight! Kendra gently eases her way into Nina her rampant desire to graphic, nipples bursting and rigid, head thrown back and hips working quietly and deeply. Some foot worship too as Kendra works across Nina’s gash, Nina’s hips coming to life and silkily rubs up and down herself inside Kendra’s lips for perfect full contact gentle tribs. Those hips are insistent and she sits up pushing Kendra back and caressing Kendra’s leg and foot for the camera, it’s her hard rocking hips that are thrusting Kendra around against the bedhead. Kendra can’t take too much of this so leaps to retaliate and straddle reclining Nina and again engages a truly magnificent huge erection into that gyrating and hot awaiting cunt of Nina’s. Pure trib action par excellence – Kendra expertly eases to either side Nina’s cunt lips taking the weight off by squatting on one leg. This way she can rock in and out kissing Nina’s extraordinary cunt with minute adjustment and so tender thrusts and kisses. She’s stiff and hard and maxed out over and into Nina who beginning to spiral away. Kendra slows the pace. This is so intensely erotic pure female interlocked and sensuous rubbings; they have to disengage, they want more playing time so they stay engages but beautiful trib in complete inverted opposition, pretty buttocks gently hump on eachother, maximum genitalia still in kissing contact. Can there be anything so beautiful|?
They continue the odd foot stroking, but it’s between their legs that the serious heat is generated – Nina’s particularly rampant and noisy, pushing on Kendra hard and rocking her fabulous hips with real vigour – she is so close; by way of diversion they both lie back feet to feet and swollen cunt on open swollen cunt but it prolongs heir thrill. They still both want fuck and rock at each other, both on the verge, but its Kendra who get back on Nina first and classically humps again, completely on fire. As if by magic she stops and straddles back to go 69 at first for foot worship and then we are treated to why the magic of the female sexual organs are the key to satisfaction, lusts and passions as they take turns in manually masturbating eachother in glorious full technicolour wanks. Non stop rubbing and then more foot kissing, Kendra’s firm breasts resting on Nina’s open cunt almost firm enough to be a prick.
They break it up and it’s Nina who backs down onto Kendra on her side and once more we get the full befit of Nina’s rump copulating back into Kendra, one leg aloft. There are no better buttocks in the world! (I’ll enjoy being the judge till the day I die!) She divert herself to kissing the leg and foot she has trapped under her. Still they are close to orgasms and Nina begins to climb irrevocably. Kendra has to be there in sympathy and its Nina’s wonderfully visual humping back into her pray that just looks so angelic and edible! Kendra’s spare foot rubs Nina’s back who responds by sitting up, allowing quick Kendra to take both Nińa’s breast in her hands as Nina kisses her foot over the shoulder. Distraction moves some heat.
Kendra kneads those pumped up nipples and has Nina sat and moving on her wide open. One more foot contact frame to go and Nina is sat on by Kendra who simply straddle fucks Nina, allowing us full view again of Nina’s exposed and free and gaping rampant pussy. They jostle and roll for final dominance and interlock classically. His has to end as they pump firmly into each other. Nina’s take the dominant humping role but it’s clumsy and hard to control their wasted body actions. But clit to clit they hump away with the occasional foot worship; it’s getting messy so Kendra it is that again part-squats over Nina and tribs slowly and down, gets astride and works her way inside Nina once more, only this time she means it … she aims carefully and captures Nina’s G spot deep in side and ups the tribbing. Nina’s on the way, no escape from looping the loop, but somehow the orgasm is gentle and small, so Kendra gallantly stays on board in full contact. Nina takes another run at it and gets her hips thrusting hard up into the overworked and perspiring Kendra. This time the target is squarely hit and Nina goes ballistic, I mean really through the roof.
Bloody hell, that was exhausting! Real big effort and rolling eyes with more foot worship being a distraction, but undoubtedly adds to the performance. These beautiful girls work hard for their supper and no doubt went home completely sated, drained, used and all fucked out Terrific! (Did they really …?).
Great download, fabulous women, rampant action. Game set and match methinks. A superb show; bravo to all. Full marks.

TRIB-0201 - Kendra vs Jana N.

Thursday, May 07, 2009
Cool feet and humping.
210 Kendra vs Jana

Kendra and Jana playing cards. Pretty, lively women and it’s footsie time. Strikingly lovely to watch, feet go on the prowl. Feet, legs, thighs, where next? Going up … Skimpy skirts, open invitation to view, gorgeous tanned competitive athletic women.
Feet work themselves higher, Jana reaches Kendra’s apex. Kendra watches, then is allowed to make acquaintance, high between the thighs. Speculate on what’s going through their minds, more contact from Jana, toes touching the enlarged knickers right there … too much for Kendra who gets up and takes Jana’s head in her hands and kisses, lovingly and pointedly. Ownership requested.
Granted. They slide demurely into the room with a bed. But first more contact, Jana against the wall, lifts skirt and we enjoy Kendra’s ripe arse. Round the front Jana slips her hand around Kendra’s pussy. Legs feet intertwine, Jana’s skirt lifted too, nowhere out of bounds. Sweet kisses, gentle crotch caressing, feet and thighs. Passions rising, buttocks pulled, desire and lust – skirts and bras off.
And so to bed, they want nude, naked, unhindered slow paced access. Breasts sucked, Kendra wants fuck action and mounts agreeable Jana and sweet tribbing starts real slow. Plenty leg and feet appreciation, but Kendra wants to feel Jana’s cunt against her own. Well swollen pussies given air as they lie back and go opposed feet to feet, Kendra in particular exposing an excited quimm Jana can’t fail to notice, so we get more gentle interlocking and rocking.
Jana goes with the script but Kendra’s persistently and touchingly tribs carefully, but she getting high and jumps wholly on sweet Jana holding and kissing her face. She’s hot for Jana that’s for sure. Confusedly she gets back astride and tribs as far back on Jana as she can (feet on feet) but she wants more. That won’t work; she wants to fuck Jana hard, so spreads J’s legs and classically tribs, thoroughly and gives her some sweet hip rocking pasting.
Jana still on script pushes Kendra off and to lie on her, towards her feet in an elongated 69. Too much for Kendra as she backs up horizontally and then splits Kendra and repeats her tribbing desires, this a complete reverse trib. Such sweet derriers bounce of each other! Jana does not have a problem with this and obligingly hols her cunt open for Kendra’s strong erection to rub and penetrate.
They scramble around a bit but return to a proper half dogging from Kendra well versed in useful moves. Tomboy Jana offers more open access then works hard up at Kendra’s gorgeous quimm. Again she holds herself open to perfectly rub Kendra’s gently pumping hips. Great shots of erect Kendra receiving strong strokes from excitedly wet Jana. They are very high on eachother and totally absorbed; climaxes are near, the view so pretty.
Horizontal still, Jana tribs into the lower section, the wettest part of Kendra’s red and gorged pussy. Greedily though, they both sit up and ravenously devour each other’s faces while working eachother pussies well into the other’s; they’re now drenched in perspiration, glistening off Kendra’s stiff breasts and bursting nipples. They are attractive for Jana who pulls at them and continues to pump sex at Kendra. The sound of wet pussies working together, push push, slap splash hump hump, oh yes.
Jana appears hardly to be breathing, wonderfully hard and stony faced watches rampant K. Kendra freely shows more emotion, and further foot worship rolls by. But the positioning and care is betraying the impending climaxes just around the corner, sometime they go low with eachother, then Kendra spreads to engulf Jana’s torrid humping. Jana’s on auto-fuck pilot and Kendra’s too wide open – she going to take her beautiful joy and pleasure from insistent Jana right now, who ups the pace and the passion from her slim and fast moving hips.
Wave upon wave of lust and washes K higher and higher. Kendra takes it. All. Completely. Looking serene and hung out, but accurate and skilful work from superfit Jana, lays it on thick. Recovering Kendra has the still pulsating hips of Jana working her, so for a moment one wonders whether Jan’s going to take her own reward – or maybe she’s enjoyed it. Enigmatic to the end.
However female sexual pleasures are suppose to work out, these two manage it well for eachother. They may not be wildly demonstrative, but it’s beautiful work, beautiful to watch and warm to applaud, looking great and fit and super sexual to boot. These ladies know how it’s done and we are so fortunate to get so close to wonderful erotic intimacies. Whatever turns you on, fit women, feet or pussy, this is a lovely performance.

TRIB-0199 - Kendra vs Mariella

Wednesday, May 06, 2009
Fabulous tease; awesome sex.
199 Kendra vs Mariella

In an effort to sex-up confrontations, we have a few intimate words from each of the girls on how they think the sex fight will go between them, whether they find eachother attractive.
This is a prelude to an interesting twist. The decision was made that each girl could, by way of pronounced erotic titillation in front of eachother, entice their opponent into early hot feelings. Well, it worked on me. I could not sit before either Kendra or Mariella and not get excited; they suggestively feel their own bodies, amplifying their sex appeal, designed of course to influence and weaken the opponent early. Very cute!.
Mariella is a complete favourite of mine and Kendra is a honey too. Experienced sexual women, so sit back and enjoy – this suits Mariella who always has a theatrical air about her, pouting and putting on show with a quite delectable body, a cascade of black hair. Plenty of up skirt suggestiveness, plenty of cleavage, invitations to sample, inviting joy and rampant fucking! Kendra too puts on a good show and we look forward to seeing her excitement as she strips off.
Skirts off first, bras next. Mariella so well endowed, Kendra tight, firm and erect; they continue to admire, flaunting and caressing – just, so beautiful, close ups. Kendra’s the first to weaken and gently takes Mariella’s head and kisses hungrily. Skins touch together for the first time. Kissing continues, hands begin to wander, we pull back to find Kendra already gently astride Mariella’s thigh between her legs, taking pleasure at the pressure. Deep kissing continues, Mariella’s breasts start to get the treatment they deserve and which Mariella loves, Kendra rubs them hard and pulls them across her own erect and hard nipples en route to her mouth. She kisses and sucks on Mariella’s ample swaying tits; she holds herself away and allows Kendra to heighten the pleasure of this massage, Kendra enjoying great handfuls of Mariella. M returns the cupping favour and sucks further Kendra’s super erect and prominent nipples; Kendra’s mouth dropping open as she draws further pleasure from the fuss her bosom gets from dark Mariella. Passionate kissing restarts, Mariella enjoying more pawing and groping from the hungry Kendra again drawing Mariella’s breast to her mouth, they’re interlocked tight.
They decide to wrestle, so they tussle and roll evenly matched, no doubt enjoying and building the close exercise and a delightful stocking topped eyeful. The tussle continues but it’s all about contact. Suggestive SGPs, breast on breast, neck kissing, attempted figure of fours but lots of lovely contact. Do we spot a twitch from the hips of Mariella, the first to suggest sex? Maybe. She allows her chest to bump and sway over Kendra’s face. Kendra ‘fights’ back and can’t put off the tribbing she has welling up inside. She works in between Mariella’s legs and applies panty pressure. She can’t stop herself and copulates heftily into M’s groin, then turns it into a rough pumping missionary. So delightful to watch.
Mariella wants to play rough and knocks K backwards and jumps astride, grabs K’s hair and throws her about rag-doll like. She invites Kendra onto her open legs and Kendra’s draws herself in and they indulge in crotch rubbing, now horizontally oppose and rough still with knickers and stockings. They carry on tribbing and they wind eachother up higher.
They fancy a change of scenery and a change of approach to the upcoming sex.
We move rooms, kiss hard and go to the wall. Kendra backed up hard. Strong kisses and so to bed following the tantalising theme, Kendra takes a long time to peel of her stockings with Mariella watching and pleasuring her breasts further. Scene is reversed and repeated (VERY SEXY) as Mariella makes the most of her stripping. Finally and bearing in mind they’ve already indulged in mutual copulations, knickers are peeled and they pull eachother to the bed.
It’s noticeable how full and swollen Kendra is, so very hot. With her serious erection she tribs hard across Mariella’s waiting and open cunt. So hungry Mariella returns the tribbing and spreads and copulates. Kendra wakes up and athletically turns M over and backs onto Mariella as we see her do so often, getting really strong penetration off and squatting over her hot partner’s quimm. She is so aroused and verbally they joust too. Great close ups of the joyous nude naked contact, Kendra on Mariella; Kendra moves forward and offers Mariella fine doggy style treats. But Mariella turns her over and fine engaging fucks with eachother, fabulously picturesque tribbing, but Kendra looks weak and close. Mariella completely engages but plays her little fish in well. She comes off Kendra and takes a moment to decide what she wants from her slave: again Kendra offers her a good dogging and Mariella engages fully on the back, pulling Kendra’s hair as she rides and copulates. Once more she quits and indecisively rolls Kendra to her back, the half over as she engages. Kendra doesn’t want to come yet and has other ideas, and forces M back and submits her pulsating cunt to a proper 69 oral stimulation. If anyone should doubt the beauty of women making love, then look no further. No cloths, no oil, no inhibitions, just lovely women full out wanting eachother. Both superbly equipped wide open receiving and lustful women, erect and full on, take a moment to rub and masturbate, but Mariella wants to stamp her authority. First she bowls over Kendra, tribs hard one way and then another intent now on reducing Kendra to pulp. Kendra of course retaliates, she always a strong performer and Mariella is forced back. Caught by surprise, and fucked blindly, Mariella can’t stop the stimulation of such hard shafting from K after so much rampant heavy petting, and blows off to a huge and complete and utter full stop. Kendra saw it coming and knew what to do in an awesome display of control. Mariella’s knocked out, completely gone … but with Mariella trying to collect her fucked out wits, it’s Kendra who now wants to take her hard won reward.
She forces Mariella face down and locks into her cunt from behind. And fucks her in a fantastic dogging. Fucks her hard, pulling again on her head and hair she rides her superbly and takes her pleasure, gently and accurately as it happens, completely on her own terms, in her own time. Dominant Kendra rides her head off on the juicy gem of an arse from the fucked out splayed open Mariella. A simply superb dogging, a ravishing, hot sweaty terrific display.
This is a glorious visual treat of proper teasing female sex. Absolute gem. Looks fun and hot and wonderful absolutely full marks. If you’re hot blooded, then watch out! This download may get you …!

TRIB-0314 - Christine, Tanya N, Alissa - The Party, part 2

Tuesday, May 05, 2009
314 Christine Tanya Alissa

Hey, this is just fun. Many years ago, the virile wrestling girls from Budapest avoidin sweaty changing rooms and cold showers, had a sort of luxury sex party. Music, few drinks and a serious bout of appreciation; just straight up and down fun.
Sort of impromptu fashion show to start with. These girls had been wrestling together for DWW for a while, and then enjoying the continuation of the closness and as you can see were able to drop there inhibitions at ease to enjoy sexy exchanges. Delectable they are too and the girls on form here – bit of dancing, prancing, Ildiko in there too, Timea, and Christine at her most delightful. Alissa wasn’t really a wrestler, but was still up for some fun – so easy on the eye. She ended up with a busy night. First she got screaming shagged in the bath room by a completely rampant Tanya (see Trib 015) and Christine we wanted to also to take her apart later.
It was Tanya who really was on fire on a night where sexual allure and not speed or strength we being called upon. She was up for this and completed opened up for Christine who went through the complete repertoire of love making with her for the benefit of Tanya and the camera, much to her own amusement as you’ll see (complete amusement).
Anyway lovely exhibition of female lust and sex; nothing heavy, just beauty and relaxed playing. Photos came back of the dinner they knocked up for themselves which Tanya still enjoyed - in the nude. More drinks and hen she also had a very hot session with Timea in the bedroom, so she was a busy girl that night. But it was oral work from Christine which bought the first climax of the show we enjoy here. Just look how much Tanya enjoyed it (wouldn’t you?).
Later that evening it was Alissa’s turn to have Christine’s full attention. Christine had already stripped the little girl naked by the time we pick the action up. To be fair she didn’t contribute much except lie back and absorb the loving sexy sensations that Christine put into her. Lots more soft oral and manual action but picturesque beyond belief. And she was a naturally an extremely pretty thing and Christine had her fun and had her way, sending little Alissa into the stars with a pretty massive bout of rampant masturbation. The wide open kid took a moment to recover after that one!
Great to see again. Much to admire; perfectly explicite but soft and very very sexy. More snippets found in the DWW archives.

TRIB-0041 - Orsi vs Ildiko_K

Saturday, May 02, 2009
Playful Ildiko displays.
041 Orsi vs Ildiko

Much had been said about Ildiko’s fabulous breasts and this competition with Orsi is probably seen as a bit of an exhibition match for Ildiko to show off her fabulous body. Someone had come up with the idea of using gym ropes off the ceiling so girls might support themselves while they ‘swing’ on the other. Of course Ildiko with her long arms in the air, tribbing on the fit Orsi with her magic tits bouncing for hours on end … well it is magic! Such a fine display.
Now in the beginning, Ildiko had naturally large breasts with prominent nipples but for some reason, this wasn’t good enough and she had them enlarged artificially which is how we see her here. She’s still a wow girl, but somehow the unnatural-ness takes something away.
Or maybe it adds something in that it says something about a girl with magnificent breasts going bigger. I suspect it was the worry about them ‘sagging’ as the years went by that was of concern to her …
But on the whole she was a great girl. Loud and volatile, energetic, obliging she was a great playmate to all the others of course. Her enthusiasm for the most part outdid her skills, imagination and techniques, but she was breathtaking to watch with her well tanned skin, tight arse and long legs. Everybody loved her as far as we were concerned (might have been a handful for DWW), and of course she introduced her sister Kati to DWW though she went the other way to avoid her breasts similarly well proportioned, from succumbing to gravity. She had an operation to have them REDUCED (but not by much as you can see... phew). Ildiko was well into sex with women though one suspects her feelings for lesbians was actually not acute. Christine was sympathetic with her; Joanne would tie her in knots; she was great with Christina J, Tanya and Bea where chemistry and confidence where high.
And she was very easy on the eye when stripped off and working … she knew where her attraction lay.
Orsi I didn’t get to know though she looks good here and when with Victoria on or off the back of a motorbike, also. Maybe lacking in confidence before the camera but good looking and works well nevertheless.
Meanwhile back at 041 they do indeed work hard at tribbing on one another, Ildiko taking the dominant roll and doing most of the swinging and copulating. Even when Orsi does get there, the view is of Ildiko is the one that catches the eye: fornication with Ildiko is always going to be a visual treat. This session confirms that Ildiko’s superior experience means that she powerfully dominates the action and credit to Orsi that she lasted as long as she did. Ildiko in perky mood was never going to be denied and gives a good display of tribbing mostly using the classic stance. Fun session and super exhibition for Ildiko’s raunch … !

TRIB-0131 - Gloria vs Nina

Thursday, April 30, 2009
Welcome charismatic Nina; glorious Gloria leads the way.
131 Gloria vs Nina

I think this was the first time we greeted the fabulous Nina to the TribGirl table. It was the first time we saw this super-elegant beautiful creature who appears so comfortable before the cameras, well and truely enjoying the other girls. Her power to weight ratio appears strong, she can be brutally competitive and of course charismatically attractive. And as partner for this introduction we get the nutty, sexy and gorgeous Gloria. Gloria is a super lady, perfectly able to look after herself and with plenty of allure.
The scenario takes place in an apartment and our first glimpse of tall blond Nina is ain a party dress, fit to kill. They have a verbal exchange about girl friends and are going to settle this in the bedroom. Standing fully clothed, preparatory kissing gets underway; snogging actually as they eye eachother up and down. Very tasty they must be thinking. Top clothes come off. Strong kissing exchange and excitement swells a little. But already the agenda is set. Sex with eachother, now. Slim fit women now just in stockings eyeing eachother gives us a moment to admire the physiques on offer. Very pretty women and already one’s eye is draw to the elegant stance from Nina. She has the most delectable hips … They indulge in rubbing tits and kiss again; their impatience to screw the arse off the other paramount already. More of the same the camera getting extra time to take in all their beauty. Gloria leads Nina to the bed and softly touches Nina gently under her crutch and gets to feel the heaven that’s no doubt start to lubricate and swell in anticipation. Nina allows her this privilege. Gloria sits on the bed holding her hips wide open, teasing Nina with what’s on offer; sexy body language, inviting Nina’s pussy towards her own. Nina steps over Gloria’s leg as if to engage but holds off in favour of feeling Gloria’s cunt too. They take a moment to show off their respective pussies and again Gloria is the first to cup and start to rub Nina’s pride and joy, lightly haired we could add. This is tasty and lustful and Nina looks warm already. They stroke eachother and enjoy holding and being held between the legs. Passions are soon aroused as they contemplate engaging if full tribbing. We get treated to the first sight of Nina wonderful derriere, a bum of magnificent proportions, though she still strokes Gloria’s sweet quimm. Gloria wants to feel and copulate against still kneeling Nina so works her way towards Nina’s cunt. She lifts her arse and is rewarded by light gentle first trib from Nina now display some very cute breasts. We also not in this opening exchange who mobile those magnificent hips are.
A prerequisite experience indicates of a good TribGirl is the ability to rock those hips with little movement from the rest of the body, rather like a dancer who dances dirty. The Rumba or the Samba demands the same fluid rocking of the hips. Nina tribs prettily on Gloria breast grabbing as she goes. Gloria too finds her eyes draw now to Nina’s swaying breasts as they lightly and with a medium pace, rub up and down on eachother. Expertly done. Heavy breathing and accurate tribbing; give way to some strong kissing; back to tribbing. Gently Nina moves now to a full missionary, with heavy kissing but she takes care not to crush her smaller friend. Fantastic missionary but Gloria with a little hair pulling is getting wound up clutching at Nina’s breasts and holding hem to her own.
They want more, heavier action wanted, Nina stays astride and they take their time to re-engage in classic trib position. Again Nina so elegantly rocks her hips into the wide open receptive Gloria, showing a proper erection from her hot and rampant pussy. Gently but firmly she engages onto Gloria who gets the feeling of firm intercourse no doubt. Fabulous hot technique; Nina knows how to do this. Wonderful fuck noises as they rock and adjust on eachother.
This is a long straight strong sexual exchange and temperature is getting high. They break for kissing. Nina now lies on her back, with wide open legs with now Gloria gently lifting herself and engulfing part of Nina quimm with her own gently rocking, wet and full cunt. They watch eachother end engage accurately slower heavy movement now, then to quick trib then back to kissing nd relax. They both sit and take eachother cunt in hand, so wet they exclaim. An interesting and rare exchange of mutual masturbation and kissing but so hot. They rub eachother Gloria suffering from the additional stimulus. Prolonged masturbation one on the other, soon has to give way as they compare each other’s stiffness. They have to engage again firmly sometime quick sometimes slow but always carefully and well. Tribbing now both seated is getting serious, Nina subsides, then Gloria. Nina’s back up and beautifully she engages and get Gloria right inside. Long fucking. Gloria has to break this momentum up perspiring and bends to suck Nina’s nipples. It does the trick they disengage to masturbate eachother graphically recorded adjust and kiss again. They re-engage for tribbing very focussed on their cunts they are both high and close and the competition develops. They half dog eachother and Nina gets to hump strongly, fearlessly. She slows to suck Gloria’s lips again; of course she can finish her off, if only she wasn’t so hot herself. More expert tribbing with sound effects and breast grabbing. They are both 100% engaged but no variations to interrupt. They fuck away; as soon as Nina goes to finish and hears Gloria excitement ramp up, she feels it too and has to back out but she does keep the pressure up. More kissing from the pair ringing wet. Gloria distracts the fucking Nina with nipple pushes and kisses.
Finally they disengage again and Nina kneels over Gloria and holds one leg aloft; she places her pussy squarely over dripping wet Gloria and beautiful rocks those amazing hips. Gloria synchronises well and waves of excitement wash over the pair; no going back now but rhythms broken. Nina adjusts and needs to change things. She moves to lie next to Gloria and manually start to masturbate the prone Gloria who of course has her hands full of Nina’s pulsating cunt to return the rubbing. They show big appreciation on eachother but it’s Gloria who senses the time is ripe and moves to mount Nina in classis trib position. She squats right over Nina’s G spot and works downwards to open the lips returning to the top of the throbbing opening and works hard to finish Nina off. Nina’s with her though and still resists. Exasperatedly, Gloria asks Nina to relax to let her finish Nina off … and Nina finally agrees; she resists no more and with powerful trib action the screaming and writhing Nina is forced into a fabulous and prolonged climax. All that anticipation and heavy petting busts out of the top and she’s blown away, lies there shuddering and completely helpless.
And there the action on 131 stops, though by the nature of their parting, Gloria is still a cocked pistol, and Nina after a moment rolls around beautifully and coquettishly, holding her pussy and pouting looks - far from finished one feels …

TRIB-0242 - Petra vs Lucille

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Battle of the big guns.
242 Lucille vs Petra

Oh Lucille! Our Princess, our Angel; how lucky we are to enjoy your work at Tribgirls. A girl worthy of Playboy surely, athletic, intelligent, strong & fast, feminine, super beautiful, and competitive – she does it for us. This girl for my money is 5-star everytime she appears.
There’s some history here as she appears to have bought out the sexy side of truly DWW’s Heavyweight champion Petra. How this works, heaven only knows. But so long as I see pleasure for Lucille, it’s terrific.
Right from the off, we’re treated to the sight of the beautiful body that Lucille is blessed with, particularly her breasts, almost perfectly formed and large. Some verbal exchanges and confidant Lucille knows she’s in a workout, the big girl soon all over Lucille. L pulls at Petra’s knickers & bra, loving Petra’s vast buttocks as she goes. She unclips the first part and hangs on grimly to the pants. As soon as she has Petra nude, she knows she’ll weaken the big girl with lust. It happens and Lucille noticeably pulls apart Petra's bum threatening a fingering and worse …
A stalemate; coy Lucille takes some verbal abuse – she looks so tantalising. Big cross looking Petra threaten violent things on our Princess. So Lucille backs Petra up against the wall, gets her thigh in between Petra’s legs, hauls on her tits, sucks on her face, fucks into her, rubbing her tits, pining her arms. Petra isn’t going anywhere and Lucille gets to masturbate the big girl, kissing her all the while. She manually rubs hard at Petra’s cunt, writhing and copulating upwards and aggressively pulling at the big girls puss. She doesn’t hold back; the angel becomes a demanding mistress, rubbing and pulling, hips writhing. No formality here; devastating manipulation. She locked onto Petra’s cunt but at least observe the wonderful roundness of Lucille’s arse as she humps up at Petra’s open hips. Petra at least mauls on Lucille’s breasts in an effort to slow the relentless attack on her juices. Lucille persists, pulling and rubbing right handed at Petra’s open cunt. On she goes, the big girl sagging against the wall.
In the end in desperation for respite, she hurls Lucille away to the floor and runs after her fallen attacker. Petra dives into Lucille’s legs and mounts her with huge strength and purpose. This could hurt. Lucille takes it all and accepts the tribbing of Petra who has only one thing on her mind. This is very vigorous stuff, not for the feint hearted. Petra pushes into the struggling Lucille but it’s clear when she gets hot, she weakens. She half dogs at Lucille who manages to cope with this onslaught. Petra hauls at Lucille and we get proper dog, a fairly brutal copulation; Lucille batters Petra arse as it heaves down onto her. Slowly and persistently Lucille struggles to gain control, pins a missionary on the floundering Petra, hitting her g spot with considerable force. Kissing with success too. Big girl’s in trouble? Big missionary.
They heave at eachother but Lucille it is who has the bigger girl on her back and tribs firmly and slowly into the big girl’s huge cont. Take a moment to observe this superb dominant woman’s technique. Petra does. She watches closely at the work going on on her cunt. Lucille works hard to get inside and inflict heaviest tribbing. She forces kisses onto Petra too. Lucille’s feeling the pace as the big girl just gets the fucking she loves and goes under for a shuddering and violent climax.
Lucille inspects the damage; the big girl helpless. Now we’re going to see some business. Lucille lords it on her 14 stone sex toy play thing. You want to be fucked, get ready then …
Lucille is completely absorbed by Petra beaten cunt, slowly continuing to rub and trib gently but firmly, manually and with her own as yet unsatisfied quimm. She opens her own cunt lips and engulfs the top of Petra’s puss once more, wet through. Slowly she ups the pressure and the pace as Petra breast grabs at Lucille. Lucille is full of lust. She up for big fucking. Petra watches for a moment then pulled Lucille over and get back into a supertrib. She too concentrates at screwing Lucille and administers some serious looking strokes on the temporarily stupine Lucille. They fight for a moment for sexual dominance; the big girl uses her weight advantage but less skill; she performs an outside Missionary. More grappling and Lucille gets to mount Petra in a half dog, so completely picturesque.
She pumps easily into the wincing nd moaning Petra. Brilliantly. Petra submits to a long fucking from behind. She starts to struggle which only open her up more for the pumping Lucille. Lucille’s on roll and looks fantastic as she pumps away on and on. Petra can’t stand any more and gets hauls away to a second dizzying spell in the stars.
Petra’s almost passed out but so long as she has a pulse, Lucille will rub her tits on her own and rubs her cunt up and down on Petra. Petra comes to life; fighting talk. Lucille take a breather and lets the big girl dominate, Petra tribs and dogs as Lucille twists and turns to keep the heat off her cunt as she decides how she going to take her own full pleasure – Lucille is so high but careful and lets the big girl feast on her cunt. Still they roll around but perhaps Petra’s missing the point … Lucille flung around like a rag doll. Big girl fucks away, the roll into inverted opposed tribbing which finds Petra again weakening. She tries to get back on Lucille and they lock again and trib. Lucille looks to be taking this as her moment so Petra lets rip with a terrific wave of tribbing which Lucille accepts wide open, pulsating further for a few moments longer as her body wracked with convulsions allow her the orgasm she deserves.
That was the climax she wanted and worked for. Though it must be said, she staggers to her feet, clutching her cunt, as it is obviously as one would expect, is extyremely sore and abused. Nevertheless she stands astride her wrecked victim in proper victory pose. Lucille is a true wonder, a true champion. And such a beautiful woman. But she had to work hard in this one.

TRIB-0264 - Petra vs Mariella plus featuring special guest star Eva N.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
magnificent Mariella steals your heart!
I missed this one first time around, but would still like to add my view. In particular and of note, Eva here has just produced her first born baby (bravo Eva! You look great for it; all good wishes for the future for the little fella …!) so can’t take up a full bout of full out sex wrestling. But having been without her wrestling and it’s by products, well she looks starved … you’ll see what I mean. One of my all time favourites, the very feminine Mariella with her black hair and wonderful figure, and the girl that was once feared by everyone, but sexually just a pussy cat, dear Petra.

This get together is just up Mariella’s street! She’s ‘bad’ you see. Scenario; game of cards, three delectable looking women, two, very up for mischief … knowing looks from Eva & Mary straight off, plot from the off. Mariella looking very busty already, Eva’s recovering figure well set off with tight clothing of course.

And Eva looks good here too, a pleasure to see such a magnificent specimen looking so cool. Plot gets underway and footsie starts between E & M. Saucy, saucy women. Rub legs, all thighs and stocking tops …

Exquisite little girls, under table fumbling erotics but no problem with stilettos on knickers, but my attention always drawn to Mariella’s bust, straining her bra big time. This long drawn out intro seems to have Eva well aroused and continually has her foot on Mariella’s accelerator. Cards continue, Petra’s phone goes, hungry Eva takes a faceful of hot Mariella, who wouldn’t?

Eva takes hold of all the pertinent parts of Mariella’s curves, she’s mouth open hot and working up some stiffness; obviously childbirth deprived Eva of female body contact. They jump at the chance of mauling eachother. It’s very sexy stuff and they remove to another room.

It’s up against the wall and they can’t get enough skirt lifting, kissing, buttock holding leg lifting, with hips soon into their fuck rhythms. Eva’s hot arse pumps into Mariella’s groin and dips her hands underneath. Wonderful upskirt shots of Mariella’s swollen wet puss and buttocks in knickers from behind, long kisses continue, leg lift access from both, positions change an shuffle. Very erotic I think.

Hot Eva wants her breasts squeezed, lifts her sweater, Mariella rubbing hard. They take their time rubbing eachother hard, kissing and Eva in particular opens her legs bending her knees, drawing the pulsating Mariella on further; Mariella takes a handful of Eva’s quimm, masturbating her hard in the black underwear. Eva uncovers one breast heaving with excitement and arousal. Her recently lactating nipples stand proud and free, look ready to burst into Mariella’s mouth. Mariella concentrates on Eva’s cunt and in exchange, gets her arse cheeks well pulled. Eva’s heat comes through in some kissing which leaves Mariella’s lips quivering. Eva’s escaped breast nipple reminds them how much more there is to play with and Eva looks ready, sounds ready to climax – she has the presence of mind though to finally reach and unclip Mariella’s blouse and pop Mariella’s heaving bosoms clear over her bra. Another swaying swollen breast and extremely erect and gorged nipple escapes to be pressed into Eva’s and the best bit of breast action you’ve ever seen is underway.

In this still fully dressed but pinks parts well exposed, they push and cuddle, kiss and rub, and changing about with loads of leg tribbing, they pull hard on one another. High erotica continues with breasts fully swollen and lifted by the still supporting bras. Buttocks pulled and Eva pulls harder. Mariella is along for the ride and allows fullest access and lightly tribs on Eva’s uplifted legs. On it goes, hungrier they are for eachother, kissing hard and long, with Eva moving so as to allow Mariella to fully masturbate her to a climax, clutching at breast and crotches, with uplifted skirts and single breast bras do little to interrupt the flow of passion and lust. Eva gets noisy as she climaxes on Mariella’s expert fingers; winds down with panting recovery still against the wall.

The scenario continues as they slide back into the card room to face the returning Petra who soon gathers what’s been going on and throws Eva out. Fair enough. That leaves us in a bedroom scene with Petra about to mount the pouting Mariella.

Mariella’s breasts are huge this week, absolute wonderfully full and lusciously shaped. They swing and sway as she undresses and looks so utterly enticing. Petra strips off and can’t wait to engage with Mariella – she welcomed onto the big girls open pussy. They roll around but it’s a hard slow pace withy serious tribs pushing Mariella into the headboard; the big girl has her pinned down in determined manner and humps purposefully into hot M’s mish.

Mariella wants to work her way onto Eva’s stiff and erect quimm and take the joy there contained; she works hard her breasts looking absolutely fabulous. Maybe this increases P’s lust and she forces herself on M, kissing and copulating hard. She lays a hefty missionary on M and displays this huge back of hers like a huge slab of butcher’s meat. Mariella has her legs lifted but actually managers to roll the big girl over and inflict her own missionary on Petra seriously weakened by lust and humping. Mariella fights to stay with Petra and has to concentrate hard to trib but not succumb. Another glorious shot of her pumped up breasts sway as she humps some final sex into the reclining Petra. Petra’s immobilised by a big one – away she goes, lost into orbit, away with the planets.

Now the deal is that this makes her the sex slave for Mariella and Eva, but Mariella now wants her own reward and demands proper fuck service from Petra. This she gets in the form of being grabbed and turned and a real proper hard dogging, then half dogging from the loyal servant and administrator Petra. Buy she does well and blows the top off the squealing Mariella, a fabulous climax to a really good download. Mariella is in top form; Eva looks so spunky and ready to get back and Petra as always, hot and over ready lust.

Fabulous and extremely erotic download for my money. Don’t leave home without it would be my advice. Mariella steals your heart… !

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