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TRIB-0253 - Lucille vs Mariella

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Epic Brunette vs Blonde Rivalry Continues
The big rivalry continues between fan favorites Lucille and Mariella. This is the third round of a 3-round custom match. This is a breast-to-breast bearhug competition and each woman tries to overwhelm the other. This is the third time these two proud women having matched their breasts. These two bring a lot of emotion into this match - even more than their last rematch. They hang-on to each other, stubbornly trying to crush their opponent's confidence and pride.

Finally, one woman is able to force a submission from the other. One woman celebrates and talks trash while another shows her disappointment.

TRIB-0230 - Leslie vs Mariella

Saturday, October 18, 2008
brunette vs. brunette rematch
Trib 0230

These two woman have fought each other in breastfights as many times as any other DWW women. Mariella has had many exciting matches with Lucille, Nina, and Leslie. Leslie has fought Anastasia, Mariella, and Lucille. Mariella was a natural - giving Lucille the fight of her life. At first Leslie was uncertain but now she is becoming a terrific competitor.

This is the third breastfight between Leslie and Mariella. The two brunettes go toe-to-toe and breast-to-breast with more fervor than either of their prior two matches. They know each other well and know what it takes to win. Leslie is more muscular and uses it to her advantage to wear Mariella down. Mariella is very agile and has bigger breasts. These women trade blows and talk trash - trying to physically and psychologically overwhelm the other woman.

The only downside of this video is the audio sometimes is too faint and you can't hear the exchange between the two women.

TRIB-0206 - Lucille vs Mariella The rematch

Friday, May 30, 2008
Rematch between two Champions
These two woman are perfect competitors for each other. Besides their perfect bodies, they bring so much skill. Both athletes have high energy and each tried so hard to overwhelm their opponent.

The pre-fight verbal exchange is good but could be better. Lucille's wears an amazing top that shows off her cleavage but Mariella wears a top that actually covers her breasts. Hopefully in the future, Mariella will wear a low cut top prior to the match. Lucille's is more fluent in English and does most of the talking. Mariella does less talking during the match than Lucille. I look forward to Mariella getting more comfortable talking during matches in the future. After the woman challenge each other, the fight is on.

The bear hug competition is just as energetic as their earlier match. Both woman push each other to the limit, spending most of their time with their arms around each other necks, thrusting their breasts against each other. Lucille continues to try to demoralize Mariella with trash talk. Unfortunately, Mariella doesn't talk as much as Lucille either in English or any other language.

The breast to breast slapping is like a battle between two heavy-weight prize fighters. Each woman forces her opponent to the ground several times. The woman display a fantastic amount of willpower to keep attacking their opponent again and again. FInally, one woman is able to finally break her opponent's defense in the final minutes of the contest and sexily grind out a surrender.

TRIB-0194 - Kamilla vs Denise

Monday, May 12, 2008
Lacks the energy of their earlier match
After the the excitement of Trib0178, I expected this to be a battle royal. Both athletes try but there isn't much of a spark. The veteran Denise is growing into this type of competition - she seems better in each match. Kamilla is a formidable opponent because of her size and stamina but she doesn't show a lot of energy or competitiveness.

TRIB-0195 - Lucille vs Denise

Monday, May 12, 2008
Denise and Lucille batle hard
Denise has competed in a couple of breast fights recently with mixed success (Trib0194 and Trib0162). Her performance seemed a little awkward and without her usual aggressiveness. But watch out - she is back with a vengeance in this match.

Denise is 3 inches taller and 16lbs heavier than Lucille but the difference doesn't give her competitive edge. Neither does Lucille being 5 years younger than Denise give her an edge. These two equal woman battle hard back and forth. Denise seems comfortable in this match and gets really aggressive with Lucille.

The two woman engage in an incredibly sexy bearhug competition. Like two pythons, they squeeze and exert pressure with sexy moans- each trying to overwhelm their opponent and force her submission. These two athletes push each other to the limit.

In the breast slapping competition, Denise meets Lucille hit for hit and both let loose at times with punishing attacks.

A good addition to DWW's breast fight library.

TRIB-0193 - Lucille vs Mariella

Friday, May 09, 2008
Perfect competitors, Perfect match, buy this video
DWW has recently begun creating some exciting breastfighting videos along with their regular wrestling and erotic wrestling. Lucille has been a breastfighting star - like she is in other types of matches. She has a perfect body, is a true athlete, and has a strong spirit. She might not have won all her epic matches versus Kamilla and Leslie - but she was the better competitor. No one has seriously challenged her until know.

Who would have thought that Mariella - younger, with less experience, and smaller breasts - would seriously challenge Lucille. But Mariella has a champion's heart too and could be the biggest threat to Lucille in DWW today. There are moments during this match when Lucille is overwhelmed by Mariella's energy. Both women get knocked down to the canvas repeatedly and get back up. Both athletes keep thinking they have beaten their competitor only to have the match keep going. By the end of this match, both women feel like they have gone 12 rounds and either one could win with the next burst of action.

One woman barely wins but a rematch is a must. I know someone will sponsor it. Lucille and Mariella are two alike for this to be the end of their competition

TRIB-0192 - Lucille vs Kamilla The Revenge

Friday, May 09, 2008
Heavyweight Rematch
This is another match between super breastfighter, Lucille, and the big bust of Kamilla. Unfortunately, there is no talking between the athletes prior to the match so we get no feedback on how they felt about the last match. The action is competitive but similar to their first match in Trib0191. Neither girl can find a new tactic to make her opponent submit. Lucille again shows great energy and fitness as she constantly attacks. Kamilla shows stoic defense as she absorbs attack after attack.

TRIB-0191 - Lucille vs Kamilla The Challenge

Thursday, May 08, 2008
Solid Match
This match is a niche competition for those that enjoy breast fights. I do - so I enjoyed this match. It involves Lucille, a new breakout star in DWW. She has the perfect body for breast competitions. She is also a perfect athlete - always giving 110% with strong enthusiasm. Lucille had her first breast fight versus Leslie in Trib0174. Her opponent in this match is Kamilla, who also has very attractive curves and had a very breast-intensive match-up with Denise in Trib0178.

The women start the match with some light trash talk and a stare down. One woman accuses the other of having implants (not sure if this is true) and the fight is on. The trash talk is a little disappointing given how loud Kamilla was in her match with Denise. The bearhug portion is very competitve and eventually one women is able to defeat her rival. The breast slapping is well done but somewhat one sided. One woman is very aggressive while the other woman - maybe new to this type of competition - is not aggressive. The winner eventually outlasts her opponent by being stronger and bigger.

TRIB-0174 - Lucille vs Leslie

Friday, April 18, 2008
Great Breast Fight
This is one of the best breast fights DWW has ever produced. Lucille is a natural breast fighter - large breasts, athletic, and energetic. Leslie has a smaller chest but she is a tough competitor that attempts to defeat her blond opponent with vicious bear hugs and hard breast to breast slapping. Both women fight long and hard to get the other women to submit. Finally one woman, defeated and humbled, utters: "OK, you're better, please stop"