Mon, Sep. 25, 2017

Contract partners in respect of DWW Web Club and DWW Movies

The purchase of Credits for DWW Movies or TRIBGIRLS.COM (for downloading movies), or for an activation key or a for password for access to the DWW Web Club is deemed to be a contract between the customer (purchaser) and DWW-Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. (=DWW) only, irrespective of whether the payment for such services has been made to or via CCBill™ or DWW-Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. and irrespective of the payment method. Such a contract is deemed to have been made under the Laws of Austria (EU).

Privacy Statement

Storage of personal data

All personal data which you provide DWW is used only and exclusively for processing your order.
If you pay by using CCBill™, any credit card number you supply to CCBill™ is not known by DWW and hence not stored by DWW-Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.
No personal information of any kind - name, address or email address - is collected from visitors to the DWW website, excepting that you expressly request DWW to send you products, catalogues or other material for which DWW needs such information.
Visitors to the DWW website automatically accept its Terms and Conditions.
DWW will handle any data you supply with the greatest care. DWW undertakes not to knowingly sell, broadcast or distribute such information. DWW will take all reasonable steps to ensure that no personal information will be exposed to the view of others outside your contract with DWW or otherwise misused, with the exception of enquiries from legal authorities or bona fide civil agents investigating fraud, including credit card fraud, copyright infringement or other crimes subject to state, federal or international law.

Storage of non-personal data

Some non-personal data is automatically stored by DWW for administrative purposes, for example, the type of browser, operating system and domain address (IP and DNS) you used to access the DWW home page. This information is stored for at least six months after the expiry of any account. Storage of such information is necessary to help us provide a better service and to protect your and our legal rights.
To make it easier for you to use the DWW website, DWW employs "Cookies". A Cookie is a small information file stored by your browser on the hard disk of your computer. The Cookies used by DWW do not contain any personal data.
Requests for information of your personal data currently stored by DWW
You are entitled to know what personal information of yours and yours alone is stored currently at DWW. DWW can respond to a request to know what personal information of yours it has currently stored if and only if the request is sent by registered or otherwise insured, recorded, postal delivery, is clearly legible and is accompanied by a clearly legible copy of a legally acceptable form of identity which includes a photograph, such as a drivers' licence or passport and only if the name and address on that form of identity matches exactly the name and address DWW has stored. The address to which such requests may be sent is

DWW-Handelsgesellschaft mbH
Hannovergasse 25
A-1200 Vienna

DWW is unable to respond to requests for any kind of personal information whatsoever sent by any other means than that described above.

About charging, credit card fraud and refund

Whenever a customer pays by credit card for products, a service, or site access through CCBill™, his/her next credit card statement identifies the charge as having come from CCBill™. 

CCBill handles both reasonable refund requests (such as accidental duplicate charges) and criminal events (such as fraud and unauthorized credit card use).
It should be noted that, with very few exceptions, every credit card refund results in that card number being entered into CCBill's negative database. This is our in-house record of past problem customers. Yes, it's possible for a never-before-encountered credit card number to fraudulently buy from one CCBill client... once. After that, the card number is forever blocked from purchasing anything from any CCBill client.

Anyone who thinks about requesting a refund by falsely claiming his card was used fraudulently had better be sure that he will never again want to use that card on over 16,000 web sites. Even if the charge arrived on your statement because someone else used your card (my son did what???), CCBill has to assume that if it happened once it might happen again. If someone unknown to you is placing charges on your credit card, now would be a very good time to call your credit card issuer, cancel that card number and start over with a new one.

Every web site which is an CCBill client is required to have an active customer service e-mail address. Every web site is further required to advertise that e-mail address prominently on both the web site itself and on the credit card Webgood Pages (which CCBill displays during purchases). If you cannot find such an address, first try sending e-mail to Please give the webmaster at least 48 hours time to respond to your request.